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Monday, January 11, 2016

#RandPaul NOT ON MAIN STAGE and refuses to participate in an undercard debate. #Fox #CNN #GOPdebate #Trump

  1. . reiterated that he will not participate in any undercard debate.
  2. Rand Paul informed he will not be on main stage Thursday. He says they are making mistake. Stay tuned.
  3. . on just said he got an advance notice he won't be on the main debate stage
  4. is pissed! He's at the kiddie table in the 'debates'. "I will hold my breath until I die If I can't play" says
  5. Sorry Rand Paul, the mistake was that you made it to the top tier stage AT ALL. Sore Loser! Just drop out, you don't have a chance.
  6. . says he told Fox to re-crunch the numbers, believes he should be on main stage.
  7. RT CNNPolitics "Senate takes up "Audit the Fed" bill "
  8. Stop crying not at the big boy table, time to give up. Play to win? Not with that quitter attitude!
  9. Will tell live on air he didn't make the debate cut?!
  10. Hearing that Rand Paul has been told he is off the main stage. Good. I hope Fiorina, Kasich, and Jeb are too.
  11. Lol I forgot for a second rand Paul existed
  12. Wow. just admitted that he won't be on the main stage for the .
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