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Saturday, January 30, 2016

State Dept. won’t release 22 “top secret” emails found on Hillary Clinton’s private server

  1. ❗️22 Emails on Hillary's Private Server Top Secret Likely sold intel on Stevens, et al to MB via Abedin
  2. The State Department declares 22 of Hillary Clinton’s emails ‘top secret’ and will not release them (via )
  3. . also reporting State Dept. won't release 22 emails from Clinton's account, labeling them "top secret."
  4. JUST IN, via : State Dept declares 22 emails on Clinton's account `top secret'; won't release them. Looking into if classified when sent.
  5. Hey, remember when Hillary Clinton's lawyer had a thumb drive which we now know contained at least 22 TOP SECRET emails on it?
  6. State Department Declares 22 Emails on Hillary Clinton's Account 'Top Secret'; Won't Release Them
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