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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#Trump #Iowa Sarah Palin Endorses #Trump For President of the United States #greta Yes, Sarah Palin helps Trump!

  1. Trump's people: "Shit why didn't we proof read this speech"
  2. I'm sitting here listening to Trump and Palin, there is absolutely nothing presidential about it. Seriously, this is straight buffoonery!!!
  3. Trump, Plain explained: Nothing bonds people like having pizza in NYC, at a 10th rate joint and eating your slice with a knife and fork.
  4. Je crois que je n’ai jamais entendu un discours aussi incohérent que celui de Palin pour soutenir Trump. TERRIBLE
  5. trump looks disgusted, the crowd lost it, paling looks like a street
  6. I think Trump is actually be embarrassed.
  7. I've never seen Donald Trump actually have the patience NOT grab the mic back from SP
  8. Watch Trump slip now is still a though
  9. I had to mute the rally with Sarah Palin. Her voice makes me wanna kill myself, lol. It's gonna be a LONG campaign with her stumping.
  10. What's with the non-stop Trump-Palin screed?
  11. Yes, Sarah Palin helps Trump!
  12. I'd bet money that Palin's endorsement of Trump is just a play for the VP nomination if he wins. He's the only one who'd even consider her.
  13. Si no bastaba solo con Trump, ahora se une...
  14. Professional Con Artists call this "setting the mark"#Trump#Palin
  15. Sarah Palin was a great VP material in McCain's presidency, let her do her magic for Donald Trump!!!