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Saturday, January 30, 2016

#Trump is likely to win #Iowa #New Hampshire (God, what went wrong?) based on social media, You guys love him

  1. Does Trump Have a Glass Jaw? Maybe but, he has one hell of an Uppercut!!!
  2. Funny how Donald trump is all for America yet all his merchandise is made in foreign countries
  3. not sure we've heard Trump's say things that's not following the Constitution-need a businessman to undo the bad deals
  4. About to write a post on how Trump is likely to win Iowa AND New Hampshire. what went wrong?? 😭😭
  5. donald trump representa a los paletos del sur que aún tienen la confederada en su porche
  6. As an outsider looking in, based on social media, Donald Trump is the only candidate running for president this year. You guys must love him
  7. I suspect that tweet will cost me a lot of followers. People have to speak out. Trump thinks he's invincible. Needs to wake up
  8. . Trumpbots get all giggly with Trump trash talk, and debate boycott. THAT wont work in General
  9. Right. Merkel is turning their country into an Islamic republic, but Trump is the "insane" one. Really?
  10. No one is perfect not me not you not Hillary not Trump but if we don't stand for something and protect our rights who are we?
 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media