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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#Trump's Campaign Says He'll Skip Thursday's #GOPDebate WaPo screams #Sexist! Nolte says, "Not so fast."

  1. Trump is out.... Maybe MSM can give the remainder of the field the attention Voters deserve! Stop pandering to Trump's tantrums!
  2. Trump sensed he would lose to so backed out of debate? What else?
  3. Guess what - his "CROWD" will NOT be watching the & you are SCREWED. Should NOT have insulted us
  4. Confirmed: Donald Trump will NOT do Thursday's . GO TRUMP! Good luck with the snoozefest, Fox.
  5. People who don't care if Trump shot someone on 5th Ave will still support him. Others will see him as petulant child 4boycotting
  6. Its as if the cable news world cannot absorb the story that is out of . Do they doubt Lewandowski story?
  7. Honestly, I hope Trump doesn't do the Thursday night Don't like the bully tactics or distractions. But that's just me..
  8. If Trump doesn't do the to hold a fundraiser for wounded warriors instead, I would turn OFF SO FAST & tune in to Trump!
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