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Saturday, February 13, 2016

#Scalia Dies, And Obama Could Transform The Supreme Court: (RIP Justice Antonin Scalia.)

  1. I raised a glass to Scalia because I respect the court and I was already at a law school party, but really though... Dude was a trip.
  2. , this! 👇🏽
  3. There is NO chance that the GOP will approve ANY Obama SCOTUS appointment.
  4. Obama: "I plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibility to nominate his successor."
  5. brought some mad into the I love folks who cuss and argue wildly - even if I disagree!
  6. Shocked re: Justice 's death. Even back in high school as I studied his dissents, I was impressed with his sharp communication.
  7. I will not speak ill of Scalia but anyone who didn't read his opinions....just don't start with the BS!
  8. dedicates his life to the Koch Bros and the rule of the .
  9. The people celebrating Justice Scalia's death literally disgust me.
  10. Depuis Rancho Mirage (CA), Barack Obama vient de consacrer un hommage de ... 4 minutes au défunt juge (conservateur) Antonin Scalia
  11. scalia offed himself after reading what we've been saying about him, here, on the internet lol. im just kidding
  12. you should appoint Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court
  13. If Hillary said the words Obama just said about Scalia, Berniebros would SPLODE with internet outrage
  14. Trump will say was a friend of his. They went golfing together once.
  15. , "I will fulfill my Constitutional duty and nominate a justice for the . Republicans nationwide have just fainted.
  16. Obama isn't worthy to even speak of Justice Scalia. RIP Justice Antonin Scalia.
  17. Classy as always