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Friday, March 11, 2016

CNN blaming #Sanders supporters for violence at Trump's Chicago Rally, Sanders punks and Chicago thugs starting the chaos

  1. Of course MSM blaming Trump as usual Did anyone see the Bernie Sanders punks and Chicago thugs starting the chaos in Chicago
  2. Trump rally in Chicago postponed. Sanders fans literally hijacked the place. Trump fans vs Bernie fans all over the streets,Just saw history
  3. rally bernie sanders supporters cause chaos at Chicago campus, event postponed. supporters…
  4. Black Protestors and White Trump Supports clash inside Chicago Trump Rally; Jamal Bryant reportedly set endorse Senator Bernie Sanders.
  5. Bernie Sanders supporters crash Donald Trump Chicago rally, force cancellation.
  6. Bernie Sanders launches ads critical of Rahm Emanuel
  7. Look at all of the anti-trump Bernie sanders-supporting assholes closing down free speech in Chicago. Who the fuck supports this shit??....
  8. BREAKING: According to some serious live tweeting - a Trump rally just got completely shut down in Chicago by Bernie Sanders supporters.
  9. Wish I was in Chicago protesting Trump or listening to Sanders
  10. What happened in Chicago is the media's fault. These people that were protesting were chanting Bernie Sanders. I'm glad I don't live there.
  12. More protestors at Chicago hollering 'Bernie' than show up for Sanders Rally's - Did not hear any 'Rubio'....