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Sunday, March 20, 2016

#Obama arrives in #Cuba for the first visit by a US president since the communist #TedCruz upset

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    The first US president in 90 years to set foot in Cuba… Congratulations and thank you
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    He went to Cuba to get more communist ideas from their leaders to further his agendas in the USA! Such disrespect!
  3. Barack Obama arrives in Cuba for the first visit by a US president since the communist... via
  4. Reacción de a la llegada de a . CG.
  5. RT Luca Marinacci: Dopo 88 anni un Presidente americano sul suolo cubano. Qui si fa la storia.
  6. Mr. usted debería de cruzar para la Rep. Dom, después de su visita a Cuba. ¿Que le parece?
  7. Obama's at Cuba .. Trying to change History 👏
  8. RT Josh Earnest: We're here! For the first time ever, Air Force One has landed in Cuba. Check out what POTUS has planned: …
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