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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

URGENT/PLEASE SHARE: Voter fraud in Utah

  1. Utah Caucus: New “voting” Method In Caucus Leads To Complaints And Cries Of Fraud And Abuse | Prntly
  2. Lethal fraud in Salt Lake: "The Dewayne Lee Smith files, BX Protocol, Delta Institute, Utah"
  3. Scam Artist Attacking Utah: It's a scam that the departments have been dealing with for months no...
  4. Utah courts warn of jury duty scam: Court officials said Thursday that the "jury duty scam" invol...
  5. Critics say the deal is a $53 million mistake a "Fraud on the legislative process".  
  6.  In reply to 
    Utah full of polygamist families all cities. Utah blind eye, Welfare fraud goes on, big families LDS gets bigger
  7. WI’s efforts to prevent waste, fraud &abuse over the past 4 years have yielded tens of millions of $$$ in savings.
  8. you trump Kinzer a bunch a world-class idiots. Your candidate is a fraud
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