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Sunday, March 27, 2016

U.S. general says more American troops are headed to #Iraq Clinton afraid to cross Obama

  1. Ex-Army Jt Chief Ray Odierno: Wouldn't Have Been A Threat Left If We Left Troops In Iraq -Obama gets a pass
  2. Tough spot. Hillary's afraid to cross Obama--and Bernieacs--by admitting she urged a stay-behind force in Iraq that would have stopped ISIS.
  3. No, Giuliani, Obama's the Godfather of ISIS. Hillary urged a stay-behind force in Iraq. But she can't say so--or Obama could let DOJ indict.
  4. Iraqi soldiers flee again in Iraq Army’s first Mosul operation:
  5. IRAQ: 1 Turkish soldier killed by ISIS attack on Peshmerga positions. -
  6. Iraq buries victims of suicide attack on football match by so-called Islamic State
  7. Obama Snatched Iraq Defeat from Bush Victory - My American Thinker piece - - - 279
 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media