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Saturday, April 2, 2016

#Anonymous to spill the beans on #Cruz? .. claims to have hacked into Ashley Madison "dating service” for adulterers

  1. On July 2015, Anonymous hacked into Ashley Madison "dating service” for adulterers with 37 million subscribers,"...
  2. <>< The silver lining of "my spouse has genitals?" stage of marriage: doesn't matter if even Anonymous hacks your Ashley Madison account.
  3. he's on the Ashley Madison web site that Anonymous put out. Can we say GUILTY Cruz.
  4. Ashley Madison said I would remain anonymous.
  5.  In reply to 
    Cruz's Ashley Madison acc. Anonymous to release soon
  6. involved in Ashley Madison scandal!🐵🙈🙉
  7. Think about it! Cruz's office was tied w/ Ashley Madison account, Anonymous has stuff, and there are 5 women involved. 2/2
  8. Remember ASHLEY MADISON LEAK? ALSO is TRUMP BEHIND the ? No, Anonymous is
  9. Roll call is reporting that Cruz's Senate email was on the Ashley Madison email list that Anonymous released awhile back.
  10. Hmmm??? Maybe Anonymous kept some secret from Ashley Madison??
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