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Friday, April 1, 2016

#Carson as a surrogate to WI, They will appreciate his "nice" style of politics!! "Sarah Palin to speak in Wisconsin."

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    Haha, you sent Sarah Palin in to participate in the event. I guess you think she speaks better than you, right?
  2. "My Qurans are your!" - Sarah Palin
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    you forgot Palin
  4. We've reached a new low in Wisconsin. Sarah Palin is coming here to campaign for Trump. Urgggh
  5. should send Ben Carson as a surrogate to WI, not Sarah Palin. They will appreciate his "nice" style of politics!!
  6. I was going to sleep but just heard is going to speak for . Oh I can't miss this entertainment!! Time for popcorn!
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    without excising tea party, disavowing ppl like trump and Palin blks won't hear him bc of background noise
  8. is sending to speak on his behalf. After the wk had, is his best choice? Get ready
  9. Oh No is gonna have "crazy bitch" on.I'm frantically looking for a rerun of golden girls or a bullet
  10. ***Sarah Palin speaking in Milwaukee shortly! Thank you ***
  11. Sarah Palin will speak at the rally. "You betcha it was hard getting here. I didn't know we had states that begin with W"
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