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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cruz, laying it on a little thick for #Brooklyn (looked uncomfortable at Matzo bakery) Booo'd in #Bronx

  1. More of at the matza bakery in brooklyn.... go cruz
  2. Ted Cruz also tells reporters in Brooklyn, "I've been privileged to be at many a Seder table," while touring a Matza factory.
  3. Ted Cruz in Brooklyn: "I've had a lot of Matza, but it's always been from a box."
  4. Ted Cruz in Brooklyn: The Unleavening
  5. Senator pulls up by the matzah bakery in brooklyn. ... go cruz.
  6. Never have I seen someone look as uncomfortable as Ted Cruz does at a Matzo bakery in Brooklyn.
  7. Watching Ted Cruz make matzah in Brooklyn. I don't know who's more uncomfortable... me or Ted.
  8. . just arrived to a matzah factory in Brooklyn and was greeted by chants of "Jews for Cruz"
  9. Happening now: Ted Cruz arriving at a "Model Matza Bakery" with little kids and stands for "Flour" and "Water" in Brooklyn, New York.
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