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Sunday, April 3, 2016

GIULIANI PREFERS TRUMP TO CRUZ: @MichelleFields is now claiming that a bird working for Trump pooped on her arm

  1. I FULLY AGREE! .: "We're going to have a lot of crossovers from Democrats."
  2. Just BS! When was there ever a section for VERY CONSERVATIVE voters. You're either conservative or not. All lies.
  3. This Trump speech is so fantastic. I love "The Snake" poem. MUST WATCH!
  4. Cruz grabs delegate advantage over Trump in North Dakota on Sunday
  5. I want "The Snake" to be read to me at bedtime while I wear my Trump 2016 t-shirt PJ's.
  6. Trump is more available to media than any other candidate even though MSM tries to destroy him. Trump has nothing to hide!
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