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Sunday, April 17, 2016

#TedCruz is now looking for his FLOOR in New York OOPS #Trump keeps getting higher CEILING

  1. . is now looking for his FLOOR in New York. Bawahahaha!
  2. . Don't you love how the "ceiling" for keeps getting higher while has collapsed.
  3. We did it! No audio, bad feedback..couldn't hear speak @ GALA
  4. rt HIGHLY RECOMMEND to RT Who is REAL ? Watch video & tell me you'll still vote for
    Who Is The REAL Ted Cruz?
    Who Is The REAL Ted Cruz? #WillNeverWinGeneralElection #Trump2016
  5. Watched short clip of for first time in months. He remains creepiest person in public life to me although is catching up
  6. New York gives the cold shoulder and ignores his speech 😂
  7. is being ignored at the NY GALA.. while he touts what an amazing 'victory' he had in Colorado! He is unbelievable..
  8. is UNConstitutional, Anti-AMERICAN, Anti-VOTER & wants to be our R nominee by being appointed by the .
  9. Why does everyone who has TRULY known hate him? Bc he is a terrible person. A lying, conniving snake with no integrity.
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