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Monday, April 11, 2016

#Trump: Is Chief of Staff of @cologop Tyler Hart the source of infamous "We did it #NeverTrump" Tweet? Sent congratz to #CruzCrew 30m later

  1. For Trump @PlayTheTrumpCard .com, Finnemore @DaSTardly@TheDisciple
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    Just like America. Someone should tell trump.
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    This can't be true. Americans hate Congress much more than they do Donald Trump.
  4. Trump’s Twitter Followed by Millions of Inactive or Fake Accounts
  5. He has to win . He blames his failures on others . Has a youth group . Sieg Heil Trump !
  6. "Mein Fuß sieht aus wie Donald Trump im Gesicht. So orange wie der ist."
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