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Saturday, May 21, 2016

#Bernie ro debate #CrookedHillary on #FoxNews? Is she now #HeartlessHillary per #NRA endorsement #Trump

  1. Donald Trump adds new nickname for Obama Surrogate via
  2. Will DNC Debbie and use their militarized police state in July? Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  3. "refugees" - lets talk about that word for a second
  4. : Obama's War: "Pentagon Reveals US Troops on the Ground in Yemen" (supporting bombing facilities in Yemen)
  5. : Houthi media : US Marines have joined battles in (U.S. now on ground)
  6. : to Meet With Republican Foreign Policy Sage Henry (face-to-face)
  7. . will even BARK in an effort to win the all-important DOG VOTE >
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