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Saturday, May 14, 2016

CLINTON HIDES EMAILS #Hillary took out an Ad wanting to know what #Trump is hiding by not releasing his taxes,

  1. took out an Ad wanting to know what is hiding by not releasing his taxes, lol,
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    Wayne, if he were alive today, would vote for Trump.
  3. The greatest trick Trump ever pulled was convincing American workers they had a social contract with corporations
  4. Trump está cada vez más cerca de Hillary
  5. Trump's 'America First' Foreign Policy As A Strategy To Pursue National Interests Over Values: NPR's Scott Si...
  6. If Trump beats Hillary, the Dems have only themselves to blame. Don't put your failures on Bernie & his supporters.
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    I am god! trump is porky pig🐷🐷🐖🐖
  8. So Trump's following Clinton's lead by keeping a list of political enemies
  9. The differences between evoling is hillary has over the years,Trump is a flip flopper changes day to day, second to second.scary scary
  10. RT FT : Sean Penn has Lunch with the FT. On the menu? , Hollywood — and lots of cigarettes …
  11. Ivanka Trump is not on the ballot.
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    You resent Trump 4that golf course thing. It & white guilt clouds judgement
  13. What I hear when I C Trump: I have no actual friends &, Outside of my $$, no one actually cares about me. I will do what I am going 2 do. 💩.
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