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Thursday, May 5, 2016

House Speaker Paul Ryan Says He's Not Backing Trump — Yet? (for Now)

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    Hillary is currently leading Trump on independents.
  2. Paul Ryan: I'm 'Not Ready' to Endorse Donald Trump
  3. On impending normalization of Trump. Interesting institutional argument. I would add: consequences well beyond 2016.
  4. Paul Ryan Says He Cannot Support Donald Trump for Now
  5. Comic store patrons saying that altho he's evil and power-hungry, Lex Luthor wd make a better president than Trump, b/c Luthor's a humanist.
  6. Here is the plain and simple truth. There have been months of data showing Trump was the least electable...
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    This is pathetic, a travesty. Doesn't anyone know any better? This isn't 1921 Germany. Is an American disease.
  8. Durch Twitter zu scrollen wiegt mich immer so schön in den Schlaf,außer es ist einer über dann wiegt es mich in eine Panikattacke o_o
  9. WSJ: Trump Campaign's Finance Chairman Donated to Hillary, Obama: The newest addition to Donald Trump's…
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    Laurie, Trump NEVER mentions the Constitution. Ever wonder WHY? It's because he knows nothing about it!