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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Leaked Papers: Obama Resorts to Blackmail, TTIP Trade Negotiation, American family values are being crushed

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    American family values are being crushed. Obama pressure on schools $ is blackmail. Disgusting
  2. BS...anyone believe Obama does not know what is inside those 18 pages. Obama used them as a cudgel to blackmail...
  3. This country needs Trump so bad. Obama visits Saudi Arabia then the whole narrative changes. blackmail much
  4. Vowing Veto: Will Obama Concede to Saudi Blackmail on 9/11?
  5. I do really love Obama but trying to get involved in British politics with blackmail etc is soooo rude
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    Since the Obama visit to Saudi Arabia the msm have completely dropped the 9/11 topic. This was all some blackmail tactic.
  7. I'm no fan of the European Union. That Obama wets his pants trying to blackmail England makes me that more convinced of this position.
  8. This article. SMDH 1 We're all going to die! 2 Nuclear blackmail b/c 'hypersonic gap' 3 BMD YAY! 4 thanks Obama
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