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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Obama's War: "Pentagon Reveals US Troops on the Ground in Yemen" (supporting bombing facilities in Yemen)

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    Obama's Wars of a 1000 Cuts "Pentagon Reveals US Troops on the Ground in Yemen"
  2. . US support to war on Yemen caused highest civilian casualties than any other
  3. Kennedy sent troops 2 2 help France & today Obama sends US troops 2 2 help UAE
  4. . Congress plan to end Saudi arms sale as war humanitarian concerns in Yemen
  5. Obama Is Sending Troops to Yemen To Stop The Extremists the US-Backed War Is Helping via
  6. Often read Obama "disengaged" from ME, where there's 40K US troops, 45K DOD contractors, 20 month ISIS airwar, backs Yemen intervention, etc
  7. Citing "unusual and extraordinary threat" to US National Security, Pres Obama extends national emergency re: Yemen for another year.