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Saturday, June 4, 2016

VIRAL VIDEO Brilliantly Compares Violent Anti-Trump Rioters w/ Peaceful Trump Supporter

  1. BOOM! Trump receives ANOTHER endorsement from an unlikely source 💥💥💥FANTASTIC
  2. WATCH: deGrasse Tyson destroys Trump fans who are impervious to ‘what is true in this world’
  3. Maher hammers Megyn Kelly's Trump interview: 'You know what was out of bounds? Journalism'
  4. Rememba she said he was a friend too... then in Congress she said what's the difference - HE'S dead.- VOTE TRUMP
  5. This is where they should both be.... and not just for Benghazi .... VOTE TRUMP - bring integrity and Honesty back .
  6. In case anyone was relying on Susan Sarandon's opinion of the nominees before voting. At least she's
  7. Jihad Brotherhood CAIR Official Calls For Revolution Inside US
  8. This elect. is not bout part-time help-Yer goose is cookd-crookd HiLIARy - asta lapasta Imma Vot'n TRUMP -full time
  9. Some Republicans are rejecting Trump and the convention that is expected to nominate him