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Friday, July 15, 2016

THE DAY NEVERTRUMP DIED Attempts to unbind GOP delegates crushed, effectively ending '#NeverTrump' movement

  1. Attempts to unbind GOP delegates crushed, effectively ending 'Never Trump' movement
  2. PLZ MAKE A GOOD VP CHOICE MAKE A CHOICE don't listen to the hacks
  3. Trump cancels VP announcement. Out of respect? No, he wants a clean news cycle to get all the attention.
  4. Potential Hillary VP takes aim at 'trash-talking' Trump
  5. Manafort on VP Choice Delay: Trump Affected by France Attack; Not Matter Of Rethinking Things: So he said he ... More

  6. Trump to announce IN Gov Mike Pence as his VP choice today. -mate
  7. UPDATE 1-Trump's expected VP pick: coal advocate who defied Obama's climate agenda
  8.  In reply to 
    . This will put him over the top with Trump and family. We'll look back and realize this is when Newt became the VP pick.
  9. njdotcom: 5 reasons why botched VP pick — and 5 why he was right to snub Gov.
  10. RT Scientific American: Trump’s likely VP, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, doubts climate change …
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