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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Thread by @LisaMei62: "As soon as I saw the Armenian PM resigned

As soon as I saw the Armenian PM resigned amid widespread protests I recalled Q saying Armenia was the #1 country searching "QAnon" & Clowns were on the boards in full force. Was PM Sargsyan under Clown control? Q says the world is awakening. Praise Jesus!
2. Looks like we just got our answer!! Just like w/NK, the Clown chains have been broken and the Armenian people are celebrating! We have operators on the ground. Q has repeatedly said this would be a "WW" operation (world wide)!!
3. Hussein sent $250B to Iran w/no intention of inspecting sites for compliance. Just like w/NK, Iran is Clown-controlled. Clowns sold intel/missile tech to Iran to use as WW nuke threat to extort $ from us w/kickbacks to Dems. State Dept was funding Soros via pgms like USAID.
4. SA purged corrupt govt/military leaders, then NK chains cut, now Armenia, then Iran. Pakistan next? Roths, Soros, banks, protected by rogue states. Border states key hubs for drugs/human trafficking. Is Mexico complicit? Loudest mouths have most to lose = guilty of crimes.
5. Anons worried America's swamp not being drained. Those whose eyes are open can see it happening now. Q posted link to UN Board of Auditors site. Need to dig here to see what Q is wanting us to discover. Betting they cook the books. Don't trust the UN.…
6. Red Cross is Clown Op & key to human trafficking as they are able to travel unhindered. Donations used to pay for smuggled kids, organs, drugs, weapons, missile tech, nuke materials, etc. Human trafficking EO will allow seizing of their assets. Haiti & CF news coming soon?
7. I'm not convinced UBL was killed in May 2011 op (is he still alive or did he die in 2001 fm kidney failure?). His alleged hideout was next to Pakistan Military Academy at Kakul. Q has mentioned UBL before. Imran Awan hired for IT by DWS in 2004 & had passwords to her devices.
9. I love when Q posts this video as a reminder of what our @POTUS is up against & what the "Great Awakening" is all about. I've had this pinned to my timeline since 8 Feb and it has been RT'd over 4K times & liked 6K times! The 400+ comments show how much people LOVE this video!
10. Here's the video Q shared. If you haven't listened to it, LISTEN CAREFULLY. Share it w/everyone so they'll understand that EVERYTHING Q has been sharing is what our @POTUS promised in this speech & has been doing since Inauguration Day w/our military. 
11. Confederate flags/monuments to slave owners (incl fmr Presidents & our Founders) banned/removed to erase Dem racist history. They need to keep black people poor, enslaved & dependent on welfare = Dem votes = power. People like @kanyewest must be silenced. No free-thinkers!
12. @DineshDSouza's "Hillary's America" does an exellent job explaining the history and "soul of the Democratic Party". 
13. On 13 Dec 2016 Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley referred Planned Parenthood & fetal tissue procurement organizations to the FBI & DoJ for investigation. Looks like we'll be hearing more about this soon. 
14. This video should sicken every DECENT human being. So glad to know Chuck Grassley referred PP to the FBI & Doj for investigation. Time to shut these monsters down.