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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Thread by @prayingmedic: #TarmacMeeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton

1) This is a special #Qanon update. 
Q has not posted today, but President #Trump tweeted something relevant to past Q posts. 
Let's make some connections regarding the #TarmacMeeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton
2) This morning, President #Trump Tweeted this, suggesting that Loretta Lynch may have struck a deal with Bill Clinton during their Phoenix #TarmacMeeting for a SCOTUS (or Attorney General) spot if Lynch saw to it that Hillary wasn't prosecuted. 
3) #Qanon posted this on 4chan on October 31st, 2017.
(Q was on 4chan before he moved to 8chan)
Study it.
Memorize it.
It outlines much of Q's mission.
4) This rhetorical question suggests that President #Trump makes audacious (but provable) statements because he has access to information that we don't.
#Qanon #TarmacMeeting
5) When President #Trump suggested that Obama "tapped" his wires, the MSM went berserk. But we now know Obama had Trump's entire campaign under surveillance.
How did he know?
The NSA sees all.
POTUS has access to their intel. 
6) That was the point of these questions that #Qanon asked in November.
7) When Admiral Rogers met with #Trump's team after the election, the meeting was about more than the fact that Obama had them under surveillance.
Rogers likey spilled the dirt on the curruption in DC. 
Including what he knew about the #TarmacMeeting
8) Today's tweet by the President asked what happened during the #TarmacMeetingbetween Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.
#Qanon asked the same question but suggested the NSA has a recording of it which Admiral Rogers misscategoried to hide from bad actors…
9) Why would President #Trump tweet about the #TarmacMeeting suggesting that a deal was made to keep Hillary from being prosecuted?
Because he knows what was said.
And #Qanon said we need to keep public interest high regarding this issue.
10) If we keeep public interest high, we help SET THE STAGE for the #TarmacMeetingtape to be made public. 
(Some believe that the Hillary video involves pedophilia but I suspect there's a video that has to do with the tarmac meeting.)
11) If you want more information on the Hillary video, you might check this out. 
#Qanon #TarmacMeeting
12) In the first week of April, #Qanon said April is the month to make things publicly known about the #TarmacMeeting
Our part is to spread the word. 
Q and the team need us to be their voice.
13) It's time to learn what happened during the #TarmacMeeting