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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Eric Holder ran AG job. Clinton, etc. had no fear of ANY investigations

Previously Eric Holder ran AG job. Clinton, etc. had no fear of ANY investigations that […]" 

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#WeThePeople #QAnon #Qanon8chan @realDonaldTrump

1. Previously Eric Holder ran AG job. Clinton, etc. had no fear of ANY investigations that might take place. EH would just state "National Security Act. Can't Disclose the unredacted docs".
2. Sessions is now AG & he follows the Letter of the Law. Congress, Nunes, etc. are threatening Sessions with contempt for not releasing unredacted docs. Sessions says "sorry, can't do that. National Security Act".
3. Trump tweets>>>
He complains that Sessions won't give Congress the unredacted docs. Sessions is simply following the Rule of Law, and Trump knows it. Trump states I might have to get involved.
4. #QAnon posts a picture of a pen, which has been shown that an Executive Order is soon to follow.
5. @POTUS will now nullify the National Security Act. Sessions is again asked by Congress for unredacted docs. Sessions says "Well, since the law now states I may do so, here it is!".
6. Congress is now in possession of docs. Jaws are dropping on the floor, because in the docs, many of the names are of Congressmen, House, Senate, former presidents, former AG, former Secretaries of State like Clinton.
7. The docs prove that the information contained in them actually could cause national security problems. The docs show that 70 - 90 % of government top officials are all corrupt, being investigated, whatever.
8. Congress has 2 choices now. Sit on the information or act upon it. If they sit on it, Sessions, Mueller (who has now discovered all of his attempts to trap Trump, has only trapped the Deep State) etc will continue the finish up the indictments and begin prosecution.
9. If Congress acts on the information & attempts to blow it over, they are all now ACTIVELY engaged in #subversion. If they act on the information & expose all of the corruption, they will be cutting the throats of themselves and others. Only a few will escape unharmed.
10. No matter what happens, Sessions and Mueller, everyone completes the tasks that they have been given, prosecutions start, and then the hanging begins. #TREASON for many, #Sedition for some, #RICO for ALL Clinton's at the very least.
PLEASE retweet. I'd like to see responses thoughts etc.
11. Bottom line. This is a @USMC intel op. Why? Because THEY are the most selfless, patriotic, dedicated AND LEAST CORRUPT BRANCH. Does ANYONE really believe that if Rod Rosenstein, Mueller, Sessions... was a threat, that they would not be dealt with by now?
12. #USMC intel has "gamed" this out so diligently, that I suspect MANY people are going to get medals, bonuses, paid vacations, something. This is a #WoldWideEnlightmentevent. I really want to see them get the recognition they deserve.
13. But, like most @USMC , they will simply say, "I'm doing this for our COUNTRY". Well screw that!!! The beers are on me! WHO AHHH!!@
14. I do realize Mueller is aggressively attempting to bring down @realDonaldTrump . Wake up! If Trump & @USMC knew, that criminal evidence existed, then NONE of this matters. Trump would be impeached.
15. But since they KNEW, that none existed, Mueller would only find corruption from others. THIS is why it's being called a constitutional crisis. Mueller, Sessions, IG, ... all they are discovering is that 89% of top positions, are #Traitor 's
16. All will be revealed, when @POTUS signs executive order to nullify national security act. Then, the rats will start eating each other, just to NOT HANG 'TILL DEAD.@jakkedup1