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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Thread by @rising_serpent: The media is in the throes of stress, and being forced out

Thread by @rising_serpent: "1. "A prediction of warfare": When an organism is in the throes of stress, forced out of its most favorable milieu, it will take drastic mea […]"

1. "A prediction of warfare": When an organism is in the throes of stress, forced out of its most favorable milieu, it will take drastic measures to ensure its survival and that of its species. 
The media is in the throes of an existential crisis. I give you 4 different headlines
a. There was no FBI informant (the now politically correct term for spy in MSM). 
b. If there was, he was there to protect Trump. 
c. or And if you don't believe that, the individual was investigating collusion. 
d. Oh and Mark Warner says that individual must be protected
3. The level of self-contradictory idiocy has been taken to a high art form that awaits the high oratory of Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi (soon enough) 
Most people with functioning brainstems will realize there is deliberate obfuscation at play. 
But brainstems are rare in DC.
4. This "informant/spy" who seems to exist to protect and investigate Trump at the same time is Stefan Halper. He may not exist, but if he does he must be protected according to multiple law makers. 
Why do they want to protect someone who was protecting Trump? He is a hero, no?
5. Stefan Halper was identified as the nebulous corpulent creature who tried to subvert democracy by many on twitter. I was probably the last to do so. He seems to be a man of contradictions, he is a protector/investigator and also nebulous whilst corpulent, an impressive feat.
6. I wrote about my own impression of Halper a few days ago when I became convinced that he was the mystery ingredient in the circle of filth. The as yet undigested remnant that would surely pass into the bowl of recognition next morning.
8. Halper coordinated a 1980 spying campaign along with George H W Bush in which the Reagan campaign obtained classified information about Carter’s foreign policy to ensure Reagan campaign knew of any foreign policy decisions that Carter was considering. 
How interesting.
9. Here is where things take a turn for the bizarre: in taking that turn they leave the "twilight zone" in the rear view mirror. 
Halper has close ties to Bush family and supported George H. W Bush's election. 
A CIA operative supported a presidential candidate in 1980
10. In another turn of "past is prologue", during 2016 election, Former CIA Director Michael Morell endorsed Clinton in the New York Times and claimed Putin recruited Trump. 
George W. Bush’s CIA and NSA director, Gen. Michael Hayden, pronounced Trump “clear and present danger”
11. Now not only did New York Times not name the corpulent spy, they began to talk out of both ends whilst publishing details that would make inferring his identity only a matter of having a somewhat functioning nervous system (a rare commodity in publishing, I submit)
12. All this time Non-Journalists on Twitter held & published strident opinions that went against predigested tripe being peddled by MSM journalists suckling at the teats of big government entities. 
These were predictions based upon publicly available information. not "sources"
13. That each and every prediction lead to the uncovering of Halpers identity and his nefarious work, is a testament to the dogged determination of people who toil ceaselessly simply for the love of truth.
The media has now one function it does truly well: Obfuscate, nothing else
14. I want to make an important point here that may be missed if not clearly stated. 
The elements plotting to subvert the presidency are politically controlled marionettes on BOTH sides of the political spectrum. Halper, for example had strong republican ties. Others lean left.
15. That suggests that the circle of filth is deep, wide and entrenched in the fabric of American politics. It is multi generational, transcending political ideology, its existence a function of political elite controlling ebb and flow of money, information and law enforcement.
16. Their livelihood and very existence is being threatened by the man who was viewed as nothing more than a pimple on presidential primaries. 
Turned out he became the president, he is a disrupter and is looking to disrupt everything that has been held sacrosanct for so long.
17. There will be two opposing vectors in my "prediction of warfare" paradigm that is occurring as we speak. Conventional news media acts a Remora fish that is inextricably linked to the sharks in political dynasties.
They will act to preserve the conventional power architecture.
18. Non-Conventional media will have to pick up the gauntlet constantly dispelling misinformation & restore balance to confabulatory reportage. And I think they have prepared for this day well & long enough. Expect a barrage of absolutely untrue nonsense flowing torrentially
19. Stefan Halpers name and deeds are the levee that has broken just enough to allow more information to emerge that only solidifies the long held contention that the country narrowly escaped a coup. Yes, I said it, a coup. This is bigger than any of us can imagine.
20. What is more important is that it didn't happen, and we must make sure it doesn't ever happen. So keep your eyes open, beware of disinformation that will stun from every angle. 
It is going to get worse and their reward is your panic and discombobulation.
21. The IG report will shake the foundations of steadfast held beliefs. It's time to divest yourself of anything you think you knew well or trusted. 
Sometimes things have to unravel just enough for a gleaming new edifice with unshakable foundations to be constructed in its place
22. I am extremely optimistic. The dying gasps of evil may cause a lot of discomfiture, fetid smells and unpleasant sights. But its demise is a matter of universal rejoice. And rejoice you must. 
And "prediction of warfare" is the title of an Amon Amarth song