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Monday, May 28, 2018

Thread @ThomasWictor: Here's what everyone needs to understand: I'm not part of Q

Thread by @ThomasWictor: "(1) Here's what everyone needs to understand: I'm not part of any "white rabbit" "Storm" "Q" social-media discussions. That stuff doesn't in […]"

(1) Here's what everyone needs to understand: I'm not part of any "white rabbit" "Storm" "Q" social-media discussions. That stuff doesn't interest me. Why not?
(2) Because the REAL stuff is a million times more incredible than any of the things that have no evidence to back them up.
(3) Every single thing I say is based on some form of weapon or some form of military tactic or strategy or unit.

That's where I always start.
(4) So I can't help you with symbols or cryptic pronouncements.

What I do is look at a situation and try to find the weapon or unit that could have brought it about.
(6) I look at patents.…
(7) Pure speculation based on nothing concrete doesn't interest me.

People ask me, "What does THIS means?"

Well, unless it has something to do with the military, I probably can't help you.
(8) I predicted this.
(9) See?

Two days ago.
(10) But it was based on MILITARY ISSUES.

The USS Jimmy Carter has delivered special-operations troops to the Pacific at least twice.
(11) And we can knock out the North Korean artillery threatening Seoul.

(13) "The first significant step was the introduction of the so-called 'June 28th Measures'. These measures were introduced in 2012, but only became fully into force in 2013."
(14) North Korea's few allies include Bulgaria and Benin.

Both countries have strong connections to Saudi Arabia.
(15) Now that the Trump-Kim summit is going ahead, Saudi Arabia is rewarding Bulgaria and Benin.
(16) This project is financed mostly by Saudi Arabia.

And Benin is a founding member of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC).
(17) By studying military issues, I can made predictions.

But there has to be something I can use as a BASIS for my predictions.
(18) So I'm not the right guy to ask about social-media phenomena.

It's not my area of interest...