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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Comey lied on FISA warrant

  1. Hey what do you have to say for yourself now that the app is out for everyone to read. Just further proves that you are a
  2. The Obama DOJ, FBI and the rest of the Intelligence Agencies were out to get Trump. Comey lied on FISA warrant when he affirmed all the info was true. Then he tells congress and Trump that Dossier was unverified. Which is it Mr. Comey. Video proves Comey lied.
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    Looking more and more like you have zero functioning brain cells. The FISA application proves the exact opposite.
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    You do realize the fisa application totally proves the Russian collusion delusion lmao poor snowflakes loose again lmao
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    You can attempt to make it look like it’s good for you but it’s NOT! Are you that stupid or do you think if you say it enough it becomes reality? It proves the Nunes letter is a fake, it proves the FBI had every reason for FISA. It proves your involvement. TRAITOR!
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    FISA courts and testimony already proves it
  7. I don’t think they expected that the full FISA warrant would be released. And, even if it were, they knew most of their base wouldn’t read it. Trump is already doubling down on the warrant vindicating him. So, as far as the base thinks, the FISA warrant proves what they need.
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    The FBI/DOJ concealed/left out/misled what it submitted to all four of those judges & swore the FISA applications were 100% true at the top levels of leadership. And you think the fact the judges bought it proves anything? Nice try Joe.
  9. The Carter Page FISA materials proves that Reps Jordan, Nunes & Meadows lied about the validity of the warrant, the role of the Steele dossier, and the DOJ/FBI. That violated House Ethics Rules (XXIII b) and shows they are traitors.
  10. Ed Krassenstein The release of the Carter Page FISA warrant proves one thing. lied and mislead the American people when he wrote a memo claiming that the FBI lied and mislead the American courts. It's time to IMPEACH Devin Nunes!
  11. This proves: a) the FISA court is a rubber stamp for whatever the CIA, FBI, & DOJ want to do, or b) there is a Deep State composed of members of both parties that worked illegally to attempt to thwart an outsider from becoming president.
  12. There is more then enough justification for a FISA warrant on Carter Page, the application that was released proves it. We now need to look into Senator Lindsey Graham for his connections to Russians during the 2016 Presidential Election
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    Adam you are a leak hole. What ever happened to the concrete proof of Trump campaign collusion with Russia? Nothing you don’t have nothing. FISA apps proves it. Sick man
  14. FISA report proves the idiots (Dems/Libs) are subverting democracy and rule of law. Moreover, they are Liars, cheats and violent activists.
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    The FISA warrant proves it! The WITCH HUNT IS OVER!!! Now on to the Witch Trial (and subsequent punishment.)
  16. This Headline Should say FISA documents prove Trump and Devil Nunes have been lying entire time, and Proves FBI investigation was justified and proper, and further shows COLLUSION with Russia!!