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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Oumuamua may actually be a reconnaissance spaceship? Space Telescope showed that the mysterious object had accelerated during its visit to the inner solar system in 2017 – an acceleration that is not explained by the sun’s force of gravity.

  1. If True, This Could Be One of the Greatest Discoveries in Human History The head of Harvard's astronomy department says what others are afraid to say about a peculiar object that entered the solar system
  2. On September 9, the object passed closer to the sun than the orbit of Mercury. And on October 14, five days before it was discovered in Hawaii, the object passed 24.18 million kilometers away from Earth, or 62 times the distance from here to the moon.
  3. Loeb: “The article I published was written, in part, on the basis of conversations I had with colleagues ... Scientists of senior status said themselves that this object was peculiar but were apprehensive about making their thoughts public. I don’t understand that. “