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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Dies In A Historic Parliamentary Defeat, Theresa May lost the Brexit vote because #Brexit was a lie

May’s defeat should dispel any illusion that there is a happy ending to the Brexit story. The truth of the matter is that the project that defined May’s premiership — negotiating a Brexit deal acceptable to both the EU and pro-Brexit legislators in her Conservative Party — was structurally impossible. The terms on which Conservative Brexiteers wanted to leave the EU were not acceptable to EU negotiators, and the compromises necessary to bring EU negotiators on board were not acceptable to Conservative Brexiteers. No amount of negotiating could address this dilemma.

  1. Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Dies In A Historic Parliamentary Defeat
  2. Theresa May lost the Brexit vote because Brexit was a lie
  3. I take note with regret of the outcome of the vote in the this evening. I urge the to clarify its intentions as soon as possible. Time is almost up
  4. The UK Parliament has said what it doesn't want. Now is the time to find out what UK parliamentarians want. In the meantime, the rights of citizens must be safeguarded.
  5. BREAKING: MPs from all sides have rejected this bad Brexit deal. What happens next will define our future for decades to come. The only sensible course of action now is to withdraw Article 50 and give British people the final say - with the option to stay in the EU.
  6. Theresa May tryna explain why she got defeated.
  7. 'Keep calm and carry on', Austria urges after UK Brexit vote
  8. EU to step up planning for no-deal Brexit: Juncker, Michel