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Sunday, March 10, 2019

FREE ASSANGE RALLY! LONDON TODAY! March 10th! (3 -5 pm) Ecuador Embassy 3 Hans Cres (Near #Harrods) (Knightsbridge Railway Station -Piccadilly line) ALL WELCOME! Tell family/friends! Retweet /share widely thanks! #FreeAssange #FreeManning #FreeAssangeRally

Is this why you support female circumcision?
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Ilhan Omar
Happy International Women’s Day! I stand in solidarity with everyone who is fighting to protect the rights of women and girls, domestically and internationally
Il ne réclame pas assez Notre système est malade depuis des années mais on fait l'autruche en laissant croire qu'on a un bon système de santé Notre système traite les gens comme du bétail