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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Pelosi’s grip slips as Ocasio-Cortez and friends throw a party, leave the grandparents at home

Liberal MP is smooching up to #Trudeau to gain brownie points. Wonder why?? Read below. She had a little corruption of her own going on and figures if Trudeau can bail her out when she needs it, I guess she figures she should use the opportunity to kiss his butt.
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Mrs. gc
Replying to @anitavandenbeld and @JustinTrudeau
Using one's influence as an elected Member to help a family member is both morally and ethically wrong. Instead of doing the right thing and apologizing for your shameful conduct, you defended your actions and stated you would do this again. Kisses JT's butt. @MPCelina #cdnpoli
AOC Calls For Ending U.S-Israel Relationship In Fundraising Letter. The Radical Socialist Democrats are filled with hate and do not have the love for our country. Their goal is to gain power to destroy our country!!