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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

POTUS' notes from March 2. What's missing? DATES? Shpoopy!

I find this really odd: 
3:20 pm: VK posts here on 
3:30 pm: VK post again on 
(Asking me to add a "Save the World" button/feature!) 
3:35 pm: VK's FIRST post of the day on Twitter 
3:43 pm: VK post on twitter again 
3:49 pm: VK post on twitter and mentions 'DJT' 
3:54 pm: Potus Tweets 
3:54 pm: Potus Tweets again 
4: 03 pm: Q's FIRST post of the day on QMap 

Replying to
Love and light to all Patriots! So thankful for your sacrifices to MAGA! I love my President and his dedicated team! WWG1WGA!