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Saturday, March 9, 2019

QDROPS - #LQQK what was spotted at a Target store in central Texas!

The conflict: - METI wants to broadcast messages into space to reach ET.
- SETI is afraid of 'tipping off' evil ET.
Both Pos & neg ET are already here & have ALWAYS been here. If we want to discover the life that exists all around us, we must first find new ways to SEE.
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Michael Salla
Fear of What’s Out There Causes Big Split Among Space Scientists…
This is the second vehicle v.s motorcade i have seen involving President Trump, none of this gets many attempts on the President's life have there been so far? Absolutely insane, no coverage...enemy of the people
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WATCH: Crazed SUV Driver Tries to Crash Head-On With President Trump’s Motorcade…