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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

THIS IS NOT THE FIRST GREAT AWAKENING - They worshiped a sun god. When this happened, everything changed. This was seen as necessary for growth, to lead to the worship of one God as things progressed. A move in the right direction

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6. Nefertiti didn’t die but left her body at a decided moment. Her body is buried within 1 mile of Tut’s tomb, will be found eventually. The discovery behind his tomb are only artifacts. NEIOH - She Left As The Royalty She Came To Be And That She Is Now.
7. She married at age 15 and had 6 daughters. He daughters were all from Merope. Some left with her. They have returned many times. She has not. They have chosen many types of lives for the experience. Not all have been good.
8. Fallen & unfallen Elohim Souls incarnating into the genetic lineage of ’Adam & Eve’ is symbolic of the Dualism of this reality. Both the 'Tribes' & European Royalty are of this lineage, but the SOULS are not the same. Now, another Great Awakening & it's all relevant again.