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Saturday, March 9, 2019

We will soon find out if Huber’s appointment was one big head fake by former Atty Gen Jeff Sessions - Americans will soon find out if Attorney General Bill Barr has the mettle to pursue Obama’s corrupt FBI and DOJ officials

I will be shocked if they hold anybody in the FBI, DOJ, Crooked, Podesta or anyone in the Obama administration accountable. If they do it will be a very low level smuck.
Blumenthal (Dim - Conn.) refused to answer a question about whether Rep. Omar's (Bigot - Minn.) comments alleging dual loyalty among American supporters of Israel were anti-Semitic.
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Indict Obama 
Da Nang Dick Dodges When Asked Whether Omar’s Comments Were Anti-Semitic… #MAGA #UniteBlue #DrainTheSwamp #Democrats #Vets