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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Algeria May have Violated UN Resolution By Providing Weapons to Libya, US State Dept

Abdellatif Serroukh
Algeria May have Violated UN Resolution By Providing Weapons to Libya, US State Dept.: Washington  / M... 
The Libyan opposition forces, however, declared that the ship, with a libyan flag, arrived in the port Djen Djen in Algeria, on July 19th, where the military cargo was immediately unloaded and transported over land across the border to Libya's Gaddafi forces. 

Washington  / Morocco Board News--- The United States is investigating reports that a ship carrying weapons for Libyan was allowed to dock in Algeria, which is a violation of U.N. resolutions, a US State Department official said on Friday. The US state Dept called and asked that Algeria stop the shipment from reaching Gaddafi's forces. "We have heard reports that a ship carrying arms to Gaddafi's regime was recently permitted to dock in Algeria and that these weapons are currently being transported overland into neighboring Libya," the State Department official told the press. "The United States government is working to ascertain the veracity of these claims, which have only just come to light. If true, this would likely constitute a violation of U.N. Security Council Resolutions 1970 and 1973." "The government of Algeria has told us on numerous occasions, and has stated publicly, that it has strictly adhered to all (U.N. Security Council resolutions) regarding the Libyan conflict," the State Department official said. The libyan rebels have issued, in the past months, several reports that shows Algeria's active support of Gaddafi's forces, including military air transport flights to Libyan Government held military bases, Algeria mercenaries captured in Ajdabia by Libyan rebels, reports for Algeria's facilitation of transport and transit of Western sahara and Subsaharan mercenaries to Libya, the head of Algeria's governing party declaring in Tripoli that Algeria supports Gaddafi and opposes NATO intervention, the Libyan embassy in Tripoli arranging for purchase and export of over 500 truck to Libya, and the capture of  libyan government military trucks that were traced to Algeria's arsenal by The French Defense Ministry.