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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why is Facebook going public? It couldn't figure out their privacy settings either.

Patrice Christian

9:29 AM  -  Public
Wokka wokka wokka!
Thomas Kang originally shared this post:
I saw this and laughed. :)

#facebook #ipo
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It's a historic day in the Bay Area, as the highly anticipated Facebook IPO makes its debut. The “Facebook effect” on local real estate has been written up by multiple national media outlets – such as Fortune, CNN Money, and AOL Real Estate. It just so happens that the Facebook IPO comes at a ...

Mike Mikovsky

9:28 AM  -  Public
Bono to become world's richest musician after Facebook IPO.
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Matt Uebel

9:26 AM  -  
Google Reader
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The End Of IPOs? »
Yglesias believes that economic changes have made "acquisition by an existing firm rather than an IPO the best route forward for most growing companies": [T]he basic issue is clearly illustrated by Facebook’s recent $1 billion acquisition of Instagram. There’s just no way a company with literally $0 in revenue could obtain that kind of valuation as a stand-alone publicly traded company. But as a Facebook target, Instagram probably was worth $1 b...

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