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Monday, March 19, 2012

#Syria #Russia ABC says Russian Troops now in Syria, also Russia Today Suspended on youtube as

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VEE pointer  -  7:47 PM  -    -  Public
Russia, strong ally of Assad regime, has rebuffed U.N. attempts to intervene.
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Brian Gauspohl

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Brian Gauspohl  -  7:34 PM  -  Public
Russia in Syria – Russian Special Forces deployed to Syria to combat the Pentagon funded 'uprising'. Russian special forces arrive in Syrian port: opposition sources...
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It would express the council's "gravest concern at the deteriorating situation in Syria which has resulted in a serious human rights crisis and a deplorable humanitarian situation." It would also express "profound regret" at the thousands of deaths. Russia and China have vetoed two US and ...
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Asshole Blogger

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Asshole Blogger  -  7:12 PM  -  Public – Youtube suspended the Russia Today channel, under the claims that it is spam, scams and commercially deceptive. I wonder, is this an attempt by Google...
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 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media