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Sunday, February 7, 2016

#Rubio Malfunctions (Repeats same thing four times in a row) #Christie only went after Rubio

  1. RelNews: Under Attack, Marco Rubio Malfunctions — And Repeats The Same Line Four Times -BuzzFeed-
  2. But elections are about Cruz-types deceiving, Rubio-types stuffing extra ballots, Hillary-types changing server data. America needs !
  3. only Rubio got called out for being a politician, Christie only went after Rubio bc of the poll numbers
  4. I'm a Trump guy but let's not forget that Rubio is only guy who wrote and got passed leg to refund ACA provision
  5. I use to like Christie, but no more. He was mean, over the top attacking Rubio. I believe in Reagan rule, attack Ds not Rs.