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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Why #TSU is about to change the world of Social Media

I have now spent my 5th day on this new social media platform. Though I was drawn there by the by curiosity of a Facebook type website that wanted to pay you for doing what you always do. I have found it is much much more than that. Not only is it growing fast, and an amazingly energized group of people, but it is well designed, easy to use, and I must admit a lot of fun.

The first thing i noticed when I got there, was that everyone was new. There were no experts, everyone was fumbling around trying to figure out what was right, what was wrong, and very friendly group, that was more than willing to help, to come view your content, to give advice, to patiently explain things, but they seem overly eager to like, and to share your content. It seems to real embrace the "pay it forward" concept because everything you do to help others is really helping you.
People are incredible active. The site was so active that my message notifications were, and still are scrolling past the screen so fast that it is hard to keep up. I left my machine for a few minutes and had 117 notifications. So exciting so crazy, it was insane to try to even figure out what people were liking, who was following me, who just friended me, who liked what post that I posted, unbelievable. My heart was racing, I was literally having fun trying to figure out how to even keep up

The site is so easy to figure out. I felt like an expert after a day or so. Everything seems well laid out, the metric, the graphs, the idea of friends, followers, children, childrens children, networks of people is just laid out ian easy to understand format. Now getting close to 1000 friends and 1500 followers, 150 children, and 400 grand children. I have feeling of belonging after 4 short days.

In summary, maybe facebook, google etc really need to look over there shoulder and take note. The world has potentially changed over night, and the resource that everyone has always considered a free resource (you and me) has now been offered money for something they have always done for free. Watch out, the world is about to change, and change BIG

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