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Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris attack claimed to be by #ISIS

  1. ISIS supporters are praising the attack on social media w/ 'Paris in flames' hashtag. HOW CAN SOMEONE HAVE SO MUCH HATE IN THEIR HEART!?
  2. ISIS and Al Qaeda's number one recruitment and propaganda tool is "The West is at War with Islam and " - don't help them.
  3. Come to the crib Isis you'll catch these hands losers
  4. ISIS twitter accounts are celebrating the Paris attacks with a hashtag. Y'all gonna shut this down or not ?
  5. these acts in Paris are believed to be linked to ISIS but ignorant people don't understand that terrorists in ISIS aren't Muslims.
  6. If the attack was done by ISIS, many within their ranks in Syria are ex French military. Do not allow refugees to be the scapegoats.
  7. Westerners blaming Muslims for the Paris attack need to realise that ISIS have been killing Muslims in Iraq, Syria etc. Use your brain
  8. US kills a British terrorist & (allegedly ISIS) retaliates by killing scores of civilians in , and MSM starts scapegoating refugees.
  9. Al Qaeda is on the run. ISIS is jayvee. So who could be behind this?
  10. For Paris analysis, follow of the who covers ISIS & Al Qaeda
  11. Pro-ISIS Twitter accounts are celebrating the terror attacks on Paris with the hashtag which means paris on fire
  12. CNN is speculating that the horrific Paris attacks are being committed by ISIS fighters who came to Europe posing as refugees. No evidence
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