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Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris Concert attackers killed

  1. The hostage takers at the concert hall have been killed and the hostages are being taken away by officials

  2. I literally feel like going into tears after this SHOCKING news in Paris after the game - I won't be. R.I.P to all who got killed. :"(
  3. Two attackers killed in the concert hall and that attack is over. Others ongoing.
  4. Go Paris military/cops! Fuck those assholes. Glad you killed them.
  5. RT : Operation over, 2 terrorists killed at theatre - French broadcaster .
  6. The attack on paris concert hall is over and both attackers have been killed.
  7. The attackers have been killed and hostages released thank goodness!
  8. Attack at Bataclan Concert Hall is over: Two attackers have been killed
  9. Terrible news on the shootings in Paris, thinking of all the loved ones of those taken hostage or killed
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