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Saturday, November 14, 2015

#Trump appears to be correct once again. #BuildTheWall on bombing #ISIS and deportation #PrayforParis

  1. After today's , I'm sure Trump will look far more promising with his plans than the others who wanted otherwise.
  2. Donald Trump is a ridiculous mouth breathing clown and immoral douche canoe, and you're goddamn right I'll defend him tonight of all nights.
  3. Trump was right on bombing isis and the wall and deportation and amnesty. None of the rest will do
  4. Donald Trump is ignorant for his tweet because he tried to use a terrorist attack to promote his presidential election campaign...
  5. Dear fellow conservatives: if you are using Paris attacks to reinforce Trump's immigration plan, please just stop.
  6. As a Parisian, the thing I most want at this moment is to hear what Donald Trump has to say about our situation.
 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media