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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Was Donald Trump is RIGHT" If I Win, Syrian Refugees 'Are Going Back' #Trump2016 #TrumpWall

  1. Yesterday morning, everyone laughed at Trump's wall. Now France's borders are closed. They laughed when he said he'd bomb ISIS. Still funny?
  2. Trust me, in a week everyone will have forgotten Trump's offense towards Carson but the doubt he planted will remain.
  3. Donald Trump is VERY protective of his supporters. When he thought his voters were being flim-flammed, he felt compelled to speak.
  4. People who despise Trump (like me) need to be thinking through this issue. Thinking, analyzing, not posturing.
  5. Another Trader! Hillary Clinton says she would not support a formal declaration of war against ISIS Vote4
  6. Republican presidential candidates would jump straight into war with Russia | Trevor Timm
  7. Trump: I Would Bomb The Sh** Out ISIS | BB4SP
  8. Many people have just accepted as fact the numerous "miracles" from Carson's bio. Trump makes them step back and say, "wait a second..."
  9. "At least Donald Trump says what he thinks." Ah yes if only all racists would shout about it constantly the world would be a better place.
  10. "France's ambassador to the US puts Trump in his place. ” via
  11. Ann Coulter is nuts. No, Trump wasn't "elected tonight" nor will he be any other night. PUT PIPE DOWN!
  12. That awful Donald Trump tweet is from January. But others took up his mantle
  13. I really dislike both Carson and Cruz for being such hypocrites and stealing Trump’s positions in such opportunistic ways at time of tragedy
  14. There are not enough languages to describe how much I hate Donald Trump.
 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media