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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

US, Russia & France cooperating militarily against ISIS (Historic Alliance?) France is at war

  1. .: Is France aligning with Russia because US support is insufficient?
  2. France, Russia, US seek to tighten noose around IS group
  3. " outlined a dramatic -- and if it works -- historic alliance… US, Russia & France cooperating militarily against ISIS." -- Pelley
  4. "US, Russia and France are all bombing Syria. How many more countries want to bomb us?" - Raqqa resident
  5. ...And now France has joined the bandwagon of US and Russia to attack Syria. Bravo!
  6. France wants to join forces with the US and Russia to wipe out ISIS
  7. Differences remain between Russia, US on Syria after Putin-Obama talks, says Kremlin: Agence France-Presse
  8. Godspeed to France in dealing with these pathetic animals. The US, China & Russia should be working together vs jihadis, instead of at odds.
  9. Isis target France Russia US Egypt UK , and they can beat us all ????! Doesn't make sense
  10. France should want us to help them lmao They ain't beating Russia alone
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