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Monday, December 7, 2015

BREAKING #Trump calls for "total and complete shutdown" of #Muslims entering the US

  1. Trump campaign manager said proposed ban on Muslims would apply to "everybody," including tourists.
  2. Trump issued an official press release calling for the complete shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S. Praying history doesn't repeat itself.
  3. GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump calls for "complete shutdown" of Muslims entering US, reports.
  4. Trump wants to shutdown Muslim immigration into the United States. Syed Farook was an American citizen.
  5. you can't negotiate when your top person (boehner) say they are never going to shut down the government.. re:budget
  6. Trump says GOP shouldn't fear govt shutdown, says blame will fall on Obama
  7. Trump seems to be in favor of threatening govt shutdown to gain upper hand in budget negotiations.
  8. Trump On Radical Christian Terrorism: 'It's Time To Shut Down These Churches'
  9. Did I miss Trump's speech about how we are going to have to shut down the churches where these terrorists congregate?
  10. Well, clearly, according to Trump, we would need to build a wall around South Carolina, and shut down his church.
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