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Monday, December 7, 2015

Erick Erickson literally shoots bullet holes in NY Times front page editorial. (collectors item)

  1. Erick Erickson literally shoots bullet holes in NY Times editorial via
  2. Wow crazy, Wheelchair Werewolf mentioned in NY Times review of Adult Swim's Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter
  3. can u tell me what a bullet button is on a AR? Williamsnoclue
  4. also AR-15 are not assault rifles there semi automatic one bullet per trigger pull
  5. those bullet holes just prove the NYTimes point.
  6. I Say to the DEMS , Don't come to my house for protection, I will not waste one bullet to protect u, I will save it for my love one
  7. Guns bad! Guns hurt. Bullet hurt. Peeps got no choice but point gun it make them bad. Read all about it in the .
  8. and they want more despite not knowing how to define a assault rifle, automatic, semi-auto or ever tried buying a gun
  9. come they didnt shoot Dylann roof , ? but bought him burgerking & a bullet proof vest to show up for court
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