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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Syed Farook acting strange recently

  1. One suspect has been identified: Farooq Saeed. Nothing more dangerous today in our world than an Islamist w/ leftist support.

  2. 1 Shooter Suspect Named Farooq Saeed. Mormon? Quaker? Jehovah's Witness? Catholic?
  3. Farooq Saeed is one suspect. A county worker who was acting strange recently.
  4. One of shooters reportedly named as Farooq Saeed. UNCONFIRMED.
  5. Farooq Saeed IEDs ???

  6. Scanner says it was "Farooq Saeed" or however you spell that name. That's enough for me.
  7. Hey check this suspect detained FAROOQ SAEED Name mentioned on Scanner
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